Myofascial Re-Mapping and/or Joint Maintenance for Pain Prevention

As we work together for you to become pain free, it is necessary to re-map or establish a new pattern of movement in the body in order to sustain the restoration to the tissues. I create a program from 2 books called The Permanent Pain Cure by Ming Chew, PT and 3 Minutes to a Pain Free Life by Dr. Joseph Weisberg, PT., Ph.D. These techniques are customized for the particular part of your body we have been focusing on. The stretches can become part of a brief regular routine for preventative maintenance to be used along with other forms of motion you may be doing. I do not believe pain in the body is a normal part of aging. The body's spring and resilience can be maintained until we die as long as we continue to move. I believe the body has an innate capacity to restore itself to health when the body, mind, emotions and spirit are attended to. I hope to partner with you toward that end.

Motion into Self Awareness

We begin to move in order to explore parts of the body that may be restricted or inactive due to pain, habit or self consciousness. The intent is to open these areas up to increased movement, breath, circulation, and self awareness. As we unwind and move out of habituated patterns, a renewed vitality is experienced. We discover a new way of moving through the world.