The Art of Self Talk

Most of our lives we are walking in a maze of false beliefs we have gathered, sometimes, from the moment we were conceived. The first step to transformation must be internal. Self talk becomes a way to penetrate the subconscious and interact with these beliefs. We explore what actually happens and the meaning emerging from the experience. From there, awareness opens up and the path is clear. We begin to live from the deeper authentic self most of us are craving. Exercises will be included to begin to develop these skills for your Self. When these skills are practiced, a new identity emerges and your deepest purpose begins to be expressed into the world. You become empowered and remake yourself into a vibrant, fully realized human being who can resiliently adapt to all the changes your new life will bring to you. You will enjoy a refreshing 'ontological' (a shift in who you are "being") flexibility and momentum that will carry you to places your current being cannot even imagine.

Create a Creed – Individual Sessions

Our time will be used to explore your purpose through the deepest calling on your life. A statement or creed will be created to repeat to yourself at any time you are feeling reactive. It will remind you of your purpose and cause an immediate shift to occur. When this statement is used as a mantra throughout the day, you are immediately empowered and reminded of what you are standing to cause in the world. You become congruent with the person you feel inside.